Location: Washington, DC
Project Length: 2 years, ongoing
Tech used: ReactJavaAWSReact Native
How StreamBright helped Courtly create a customized CRM from idea to first users
Courtly founder Emilio Barajas hit a roadblock. He had spent months researching and understanding the management of tennis clubs, to validate his idea for a tennis club CRM.
The research conclusions were clear: there is a dire need in the tennis market for a customized club management solution. Though there are generalized CRMs that can be used for tennis programs, most clubs still function with pen and printed papers in genotherms. Outdated, even for a sport that prides itself on tradition.
Enter Courtly, a tennis court CRM that would handle the business of tennis from A-Z. Feature ideas included program advertisement, a booking platform and class payment options. In order to get his idea off the ground, Barajas needed a tech team that had the chops to create a real product out of a concept brief.
Emilio Barajas
Emilio Barajas

The idea was sound, but we needed an experienced tech team to build out Courtly from concept to a web and mobile app — in a fast and user validated way. I wanted to bring in a partner that would take responsibility for the development process from UX to MVP, and bring a fresh perspective and ideas to the table.

At the same time, he wanted to make sure there was enough flexibility in the process to quickly validate the concept.
The most important goal during this phase was to plan and build an MVP with the highest priority features fast, to get feedback on the user experience and feature priorities ASAP.
Courtly x StreamBright
After brainstorming the scope and roadmap for the Courtly MVP over a productive discovery process, StreamBright dove into development. Working together with an external design team, StreamBright not only provided the dev team but also took the lead and managed the entire project.
The first phase of our engagement resulted in crystal clear user flows and an intuitive interface. Within 6 months, StreamBright delivered a web and mobile platform with five major features, including segmented emailing, booking management, customer attendance, direct payment and lesson plans.
The Results
Instead of waiting for the entire platform to be completely finished, the team used an agile development process to get the initial version in front of Courtly’s clients early on in the dev cycle.
Beta testers were able to validate the MVP, while the team simultaneously worked the feedback into the next sprints. Because of this approach, the next features that were built provided an uplift is user engagement across the board.
With Courtly’s full platform soon to be released into the wilds of tennis whites, Barajas looks back on his collaboration with StreamBright:
Adam and the StreamBright team developed an end-to-end mobile and web CRM solution, and then some. What I loved was the attention to detail — building a roadmap where validation and development happened in tandem, managing the project from UX to final product flawlessly, and taking ownership over Courtly’s product as if it was their own.

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