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Courtly x Streambright
How StreamBright helped Courtly create a customized CRM from idea to first users
Location: Washington, DC
Project Length: 2 years, ongoing
Tech used: ReactJavaAWSReact Native

Nexogen x Streambright
That time StreamBright developed a customer dashboard for Nexogen’s Full Truckload
Location: Europe
Project Length: 9 months, ongoing
Tech used: React

Namedrop x Streambright
How Namedrop got a validated software platform 4 weeks after initial user research
Location: Washington, DC
Project Length: 3 months
Tech used: ReactJavaAWSReact Native

Leading Saas Video Editor x Streambright
How StreamBright took a leading video editor from popular hit to standout success
Location: New York City
Project Length: 1 year, ongoing
Tech used: ReactTypescript

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