Own Your Market
Build user-centric products around business logic. Do it with a team that
guarantees a smooth process and a valuable fresh perspective.
Work with a team that goes the extra mile
Our take on agile software development
We took “traditional” agile development and boosted it with meticulous attention to detail, project ownership, and proactive communication.
Here’s what that means for you >
The discovery call that gives back
Bring the 1,000 foot view of your project. In one mega-productive hour we’ll brainstorm how to turn your concept into a scalable product, where the opportunities are and how we can help.
A spec that sweats the small stuff
Get a detailed work specification written by a project manager and a senior developer. Good planning in this stage lets us meet your requirements while staying flexible enough to accommodate new ideas.
Bi-weekly sprints, to-the-minute updates (aka peace of mind)
Continuous communication meets bi-weekly sprint updates and demos. You stay in the know and in control, without wasting hours on quality control and follow ups.
Human-centered development
Rapid iterations and user testing makes sure everything is where it should be — for both your business and the user. From UX/UI to deployment, we test everything for speed, function and reliability.
Regular review sessions
With so much experience in one room, both your team and ours will inevitably discover new use cases. Every delivery includes a discussion on opportunities for honing your product.
Flexibility. Reliability. Check it off the listability.
Enjoy 100% tested software, the liberating feeling of a shrinking back-log and, most importantly, showers of compliments from happy users.
Web Development
Courtly x Streambright
What I loved was the attention to detail — building a roadmap where validation and development happened in tandem, managing the project from UX to final product flawlessly, and taking ownership over Courtly’s product as if it was their own.
Emilio Barajas

Emilio Barajas


Mobile App Development
Namedrop x Streambright
Adam Jermann and the entire team at StreamBright has exceeded every expectation I had when it came to their software development, quick response times and overall professionalism.
Joseph Terpstra

Joseph Terpstra

Founder and CEO

How can we help you?

Tell us the 1,000 foot view of your project and we'll put our brains, tools and
processes in place to make it a reality.

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